This is a short curated list which doesn't represent all of my work on the internet (or offline).

Historic profiles

Anita Scott Coleman: Afro-Latinx writer of the Harlem Renaissance, BESE

Bessie Stringfield: The Black Woman Who Biked Across The US Alone in the 1930s, Vice


On Celebrities and Parasocial Relationships, The Riveter Magazine

The Cultural Shift and Mainstream Acceptance of Brujeria, BESE


On Lykke Li and the Concept of Limerence , HelloGiggles

Being Black in Europe, Huffington Post


The Seduction Strategy of Fashion, Polyester Magazine

The Cultural Black Hole of High Fashion,, Polyester Magazine


Law I Technology

Who Owns Fashion? Lines Blur with Inspiration and Theft, New York Times

4 effective ways to make your virtual workplace more inclusive , The Next Web


The Veil of Diversity in Sleepy Hollow , Roger Ebert

The Hacker in the Rye (and the Gender Politics in 'Mr. Robot') , Bitch Flicks

Book Reviews

Vivid, Claustrophobic Language of Pain , Atticus Review

The Microhistory of an MS-13 Hitman , Immigration - Medium


Netflix en de Aziatische markt , Varagids

Interview Sennay Ghebreab ' Het discriminerende algoritme' , MO*


Dutch Translator "Strolling” Web Series by dir. Cecile Emeke

Video essay on pop music and hegemonic masculinity with visual artist Isaac Kariuki.

Editor of The Coalition Zine 

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